H4 Extension without Attorney

Hi ,

The attorney s charging high and my company is not sponsoring; hence I thought of applying for my wife and kid’s H4 application myself. I have the following query -

1> What original documents are required? Marriage Certificate and Birth Certificate for the child? Will these be correctly returned by USCIS?

2> There current visa is expiring in 15 days time. Do I need to apply for a premium processing?



  1. You need to submit copies of marriage certificate, birth certificate, current I-94s, your 797 extension approval copy, recent payslips and a recent employment letter.

  2. As long as the extension petition is received by USCIS before their current I-94 expiration dates, you should be fine. PP services are not available when applying just H-4 extension.

I made the assumption that the entire family is already in US.

Thanks Saurabh. Yes, they are in USA.