H4 Extension when H1B petition in process

My Wife is on H4 visa and she’s in US now. Her H1B petition got picked up in the lottery and is in process now.

My H1B visa will be expiring in few months and my employer is asking me to apply for extension. If I apply for H1B extension along with my wife’s H4 extension, will there be any impact on H1B petition of my wife which is in process.

I assume her H-1 is applied w/ COS. If her H-4 is expiring prior to Oct 1, then her H-4 extension is needed for H-1 COS approval. If not, USCIS will issue RFE asking for proof of H-4 extension.

So apply for her H-4 extension. If her H-1 gets approved w/ COS prior to H-4 extension, then withdraw H-4 extension. If H-1 gets approved after H-4 extension, then no action is needed.