H4 extension in process(visa expired) and H4 EAD filing separately

We applied for H1 and H4 extension in April. My H1B extension is approved but my wife is still waiting for her biometrics. I 140 filed under premium and assuming if I140 gets approved on time, is it better to file H4 EAD now (her visa expired Aug 24th) or wait for H4 to get approved and then file for H4 EAD?
I want to evaluate which way she can get her EAD soon. Filing now vs filing after H4 gets approved ( which I have no idea as we filed for H4 in April :frowning: )


Frankly, there is no silver bullet. Some had success, for many it did not work.
The best one so far is to get H4 stamping outside of US, then apply for H4 EAD. The delays are slower with this as there is no biometrics required…

Can we apply for EAD if visa status is expired ? As there is a status field in I-765 where to mention current status .
Since my wife’s visa is expired what status she should put there ?