H4 Extension (Form I-539)

I applied for H4 extension on 14June2021 (Non-EAD). It shows processing times of 12-15 months. I need to travel to India urgently as my mother is not well and I need to be with her. All the information online is for H4 EAD extension but I don’t have EAD. Just H4. My questions-

  1. Will my application processing stop if I travel to India during this processing period? Or I can wait in India for these 12 months?
  2. Is there any way to request the expedited processing on humanitarian grounds? I can get necessary medical records for my mother.
    Please help and respond!

Generally speaking, extension of status application is not abandoned if you travel outside the US. However it may get denied if you are not in the US at the time of adjudication.

If your H4 visa expires meanwhile you are in India, you can go for stamping using the I-797 H1B approval notice of your spouse and other supporting documents for H4 stamping.

You can try to submit expedite request via Emma the chatbot and getting a live agent on the call.

Thank you Kalpesh for your response. I am sorry I am a little confused and hope its okay that I request further clarification. To give you an idea - My current H4 visa expired on 27Jul2021 and H4 extension application was filed in June2021. Spouse H1B also expired and waiting for his extension approval. So I don’t have a valid visa to come back to US if I travel to India now. USCIS shows H4 extension processing time of 15 months. But H1B extension timeline is 4 months.
Scenario - I travel to India now, my spouse gets H1B extension confirmation in December 2021. But my application will still be in process. Will I still be able to get biometric and stamping done in India based on spouse 1-797 even though my application in US will be under processing stage? Like similar to getting H4 for first time?
Sorry for a lengthy post. Just want to be sure that I am making my situation clear.
Thank you for your help!

Yes, you should be able to go for stamping with the copy of I-797 approval notice for your spouse H1B. My suggestion is to upgrade the H1B to premium processing so it gets approved in 2-3 weeks.

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Thank you! This was very helpful and gave me hope.