H4 Extension and H4 to F1 Change of Status


My H4 Visa is till Dec 30 2013 and applied extension and got approved on Dec 04 2013. But the extension letter says it is valid from Dec 31st 2013 to Dec 30 2014.

I also applied Change of Status from H4 to F1 in parallel and got approved on Dec 11 2013. My F1 letter says it is valid from Dec 12 2013 to Duration of Stay.

Now since my previous H4 is valid till 30th Dec 2013, will my F1 will be considered as last rule and will still active.

PLease help me on this query as I need to attend my classes in January. I want F1 status to be active than H4.

WHere can I check on what status my I94 is currently?

Thank you.

You will be on F-1 from Dec 12 and will go back to H-4 from Dec 31. This is b/c H-4 was approved for a future date.