h4 extension after h4 to h1 COS??

Right now I’m in US on H4 (valid till sep 30 2013). I applied for H1 from India and my case was selected in lottery and is in processing.

Planning to apply for h4 extension as it is getting expired by sep 2013.

Please answer my below questions.

1) Will it be a problem if my h4 gets extended after h1 is approved.

2) Can COS(from h4 to h1) be applied when h4 extension is in process.

3) If answer to 2) is yes what if h4 gets extended after COS is approved??Will i fall on h4 again??
  1. If H-4 extension happens after Oct 1, then your final status will become H-4 and not H-1

  2. You can. USCIS may issue RFE asking for proof of H-4 extension (to be sure that you have I-94 through Oct 1)

  3. Refer (1)