H4 extended while on learner's permit


My H1B and wife’s H4 got extended while she was still on learner’s permit. On Friday, she got through her road test but my bad luck, I did not carry my H1B extension (I797A) to the DMV. So now she’s got the license expiry date as March 15, 2015. I need some advise

She has got the temporary license and the permanent would arrive in 15 days. So can we go to the DMV again to adjust the date to the new expiry? Is this possible, before the permanent one gets issued?


We should wait until she gets her permanent license and then go for renewal before it expires?


Wait till march and then go for license renewal?

We iive in PA if that makes it any differemt.


It is so sad to see every attempt at making the life of a new non-immigrant so difficult. You can go in February to request an extension.

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