H4 Emergency appointment - Chennai

I had requested for H4 emergency visa appointment with Chennai US consulate on 23rd September 2020.
I have not received the response yet.

Has anyone received approval for family separation from Chennai consulate?
How long does it take for emergency appointment approval?

Hello Sruthi,

As mentioned in the other post, I have given EA request to Chennai on Sept 4th and it is not approved yet. Possibly 30-40 days I would believe. I will let you know, once it is approved for me.

Thank you Sharath for your response.

Are we able to select the date for the interview?
When i tried to do the selection for the interview date its showing no appointment date available in chennaiā€¦
Can anyone please help out with this

Try to check for interview slots after 10am IST for Chennai consulate. If this does not work check for different consulate.

Thanks for your response ,I was able to select the normal date,
I got the normal interview dates for March 11, if i requested an emergency appointment and got rejected means still the March 11 date will be my defaultl interview schedule for me? Or that also get cancelled

I guess yes, the regular appointment will still be valid.

Thanks , I will go ahead and book an emergency appoinment

As others have also mentioned, your normal appointment date will still be available.