H4-EAD When can I start accepting employment opportunities?

Hello and Greetings !I am currently on H1 by a University. My contract with the University expires on May 17, 2015 and therefore the H1 gets nullified as well.I am planning to go back to India around the same time to get an H4 stamped before May 26, 2015 to become my husband’s (on H1) dependent (as H4).My husband who works with a multinational has recently got his I 140 approved and has also completed 6 years on H1. Therefore being on H4 as his dependent I feel I will be eligible for EAD — Right or Wrong?Sometime next week (April 2nd week) his employer will file for H1 extension (premium processing) and hopefully by beginning of May 2015 we will know till which date is his H1 validity extended.On May 26, 2015 I am looking to file for EAD under H4 status.a) How long is it expected for EAD to come if filed on May 26, 2015 (I am interviewing for new positions and need to provide them with an answer regarding date for employment eligibility)b) Can I start working if my EAD is filed but yet not arrived (using the EAD applied for filing number) ? I already have an SSN.c) Can this EAD process be expedited?d) What all should I prepare in terms of documentation to apply for EAD?

e) There is a point in Form I765 which reads as " Application denied : Failed to establish economic necessity " Does outstanding education loan qualify for economic necessity? Appreciate your guidance and help.Thanks and Regards

-you are eligible for EAD

-it takes 90 days or less for EAD to be processed

-EAD applications do not have expedite options

-documents required are standard that verify that you are eligible to apply

-EAD must be in hand before you start working. Employer will not be able to submit employee verification I-9 form with a ‘applied for’ receipt number

-economic necessity is mostly related to household management so any outstanding debts including student loans may be listed. Make sure that is not the only reason you provide though.