H4 EAD vs J1 stamping

Hi, I am on H4 visa for the past 3yrs and have worked for the past one year on H4 EAD. My EAD expired on June 30 2020. I matched into a medical residency program which I was supposed to join on July 1st but unable to do so as my EAD is still processing( Renewel date March 24th 2020). now I have received a biometrics notice and I am done with fingerprinting after which I requested for an expedited process and have submitted all the documents and waiting for approval.
The University in which I matched has offered me a J1 Visa which I simultaneously applied to done all the paper work and now I have a DS 2019 with which I have to go to India to get the Visa Stamped.Now I am in a dilemma whether to wait for my EAD or go to India for my J1 Visa. Any advise or inputs would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.