H4 EAD to H1B

Hello there,

I am currently on H4 visa and have a valid H4 EAD until June 2018. I have also applied for the extension along with my husband’s H1B and should be getting approval on H4 till May 2021.

Now, my company is working on applying for my H1B this April due to the uncertainity on the H4 EAD. I have some unavoidable travel from April 18th to April 28th (international travel to India.). My company will apply for H1 on April 1 and I am told I would not have any decision before April 18 by USCIS. How is this travel possible?

Can I do the consular processing of H1B instead of COS ? How does this process work? Can I apply for the H1B, and while it is in progress travel in and out of the country on my valid H4 visa. I could then do a change to H1B visa later in the year? Kindly help me out.