H4 EAD to H1B and then back to H4EAD


My Wife was initially on H4 EAD. Last year in march, her company had filed an H1B for her under cap-exemption. This year, I am planning to switch a job and we are thinking to change her visa status back to H4 EAD. Can you help us with following question:

  • How much time will take for H4-EAD if filed along with my H1B in premium processing?
  • How much time will take for H4-EAD if filed seperately?
  • Does she have to again go for interview once she go to India or will she be eligible for drop box?
  • I know in the past there were some issues with H4 EAD like banning H4 EAD etc. In general do you think it would be good idea to switch back to H4 EAD.


Unlike in the past, now H4/EAD are not processed with H1B in PP. So whether with H1B or standalone it won’t make any difference.

She may be eligible for interview waiver.

Currently there is no such issue.