H4 EAD stamping Ds160

Hi, we are planning to travel to india soon.
I got my previous H4 EAD stamped in Jan,2020 for different employer and now i am on new H4 EAD for new employer.

I worked on H1B for 4 years during that period my h1b was revoked once for one of my employers due to some issues and i changed status H4. After that i got my H4 stamped 2020 and working on EAD since thn

1- in Ds 160 do i need to mark “ has your visa ever been revoked” as Yes or No? I marker it as Yes, last year and stamping process was not smooth at all as they asked lot of question but finally got approved!

2- Do i need to mark it Yes every time i go for stamping or just once until stamping is approved?

3- Will there be an issue during interview if I mark it yes again ? Or should i mark NO?

Any kind of help is really appreciated! We traveling with kids and do not want to get stuck in india if visa is denied

There is a difference between revoking a visa versus revoking H1B approved petition which happens all the time when a H1B employee leaves their employer or are let go.
You should answer ‘No’ to the visa been revoked question. Revoking of H1B should not have any impact on your visa as it is merely a travel document and used to enter the US if you are in H1B status at the time of entering.

I am currently on H4 EAD and will go for stamping for same.

Last year also i got on H4 stamped for old employer.

Question is because i marked it as Yes during my last visa interview, do i need to stay constant and mark yes or can i mark No this time?

Would this be an issue during interview as i cannot get my visa rejected due to this as i am traveling with Kids who are citizens and dont want to get stuck in india

If you made mistake and got confused between H1B vs Visa revoked in the past DS160, you don’t need to provide wrong answer this time.

I would suggest following the advice of your company’s immigration attorney.