H4 EAD Rule Timeline

My GC priority date is June 2010 (EB2) and my wife will be qualified for H4 EAD rule.
As GC dates are going back and forth, my
wife started doing Masters on H4 itself without changing to F1.

My wife has two options of getting her EAD/GC but none of us
know the timelines for these two things (GC PD movement and H4 EAD rule

As she already started Masters, is it good idea to change her status from H4
to F1 to make use of OPT ?(if she
applies F1 now, she will get OPT sometime end of the next year). We are
spending lot of money on Masters and that should not go waste.

If she goes to F1 and then H4 EAD rule gets published then
what will be her options?

back to H4… ?

there be any quota on H4 EADs ?

Is it
good idea to go back and forth between H4 and F1?

We are in dilemma whether to change the status from H4 to F1
or not. I would appreciate you valuable opinion
in this .


I am in the same exact situation like your wife but I changed to F1 status just this January 2015. Do you have any input if I should go back to H4 because of the new work authorization rule.

Though I have F1 visa status, I still have H4 stamped on my passport valid till 2017.