H4-EAD renewal processing time if filed on the basis of H1B extension receipt number


H1B and H4 extension on the basis of I140 filed in normal processing. Acknowledgement /Receipt number from USCIS is awaited. Once received, I will apply for H4-EAD renewal for my spouse from my end.

My question is if my H1B extension gets approved in future, since I will be filing H4-EAD renewal separately, how long after H1B extension approval, usually H4EAD renewal case gets approved?

My 2nd question is since it is almost certain my spouse will lose her job after my current H1B expires as H4EAD renewal will not be approved by then, is it okay for her to travel outside US while her H4 extension and H4-EAD renewal is still in processing? I understand she wont be able to enter back in US until her H4 extension gets approved but trying to understand if it will have any negative inpact on the ongoing processing of H4 extension.

Thank you!

Well, this totally depend on where you file and the current processing time. You can check USCIS website

Yes, it is ok to travel, but with some arrangements made to respond to USCIS requests, if they ask for more info or send forms. Check USCIS FAQ H4 last but one question