H4 EAD if i140 withdrawn from previous company and completed 6 years

Hi All,

I am on H4 and my spouse had approved I140 from previous company which is withdrawn now. Am I eligible as per new rule if we have completed 6 years period 2 years ago and has labor filed with new company?



Simple rule: you MUST have a valid and current H4 visa and an approve, valid and current i140 in place at the time of petition filing for EAD. If you are missing any of these, you may not get the EAD approval.

Hi ImmiGeek,

Your reply doesn’t answer my specific, to the point question

You may need to re read my answer again.
You are NOT eligible to get a H4EAD since your H1 spouse doesnt have a valid i140 which is current right now. What else is your question that was not answered.
Please dont REPEAT questions again and again when you cant understand the answer.