H4-EAD I140 approved with previous employer

I was on H1-B for 3 years in that time,i had got my I-140 approved and then i went back to India. I came back to US on H4 again and then got change of status to H1B with new employer. My I140 still not revoked.

MY x-employer company doesn’t exist any more?

Can my spouse take benefit of H4-B EAD ?

Thanks is advance

This is a tough question and you really want a lawyer. I don’t understand how you came in on H4 and your spouse is also on an H4? I think since the company went bust, and no successor (ie merger, buyout) exists you will need to do labor again. ie Say your company was bought out, the labor would have been valid, because the new company is a successor. Again check with a lawyer, you might be able to keep your old priority date.