H4 EAD extension question

Hi ,

Please can you advise me what would be the best solution .

I am on H1 B and I have applied extension last month along with h4 . I applied my h1 b extension in premium and got approval . On April 1 2022 I have applied h4 EAD extension .

My wife h4 and h4 EAD will be expire in June 5 2022 . My wife is currently working , is there a way she can continue her work by extending her i94 going to Mexico . Please can you share your experiences .

Thanks in advance .

Thanks again for providing this info. This really helps .

One question , I have my wife’s h4 and h4 ead in process , is it still ok to cross the border and get i94 updated ? Will that have any impact on the existing applications that are being processed ?


Yes, if you want to take advantage of 180 days auto-extension of EAD.


Posting for my friend .

His scenario is He have applied for h1 and h4 extension , later moved h1 to premuim and got approval for 3 years . After He got h1 extension approval he have applied for h4 ead extension but current ead and h4 will be expiring on June 1st .

He don’t want his spouse to Lose her job so he was thinking to go to San Diego and walk on the bridge and get her i94 updated . Will it be still ok since h4 and h4 ead is in process , but as per the new rule if the i94 is updated there is an auto extension of ead for 180 days .


It is absolutely fine to extend I-94 at CBP with a pending H4 EOS. Once approved it will automatically extend H4 EAD to 180 days from the expiry date.

So , we went to otey messa to Cross the border we got updated i94 and also which helps us to get auto extension . My question is do we have to inform Uscis about it as her h4 and h4 ead extension application is in pending status. .thanks in advance

Yes, you can send the copy of updated I-94 to USCIS center processing the H4 and EAD applications.

Thanks so much , is there any other way I can update uscis

Even if you call and get to talk to an agent, they will still need the proof.