H4 EAD Extension - How soon to file - 120 or 180 days?

My Wife H4 EAD is expiring in May 2020 and she has approved H4 till Jan 2021. Can you please let me know when I should file H4 EAD extension. I am confused as some places its mentioned, we should file before 120 days expires and some places its mentioned as 180 days before the expiry of H4 EAD.


There is no rule as such for H4 EAD, when you should apply. Ideally, you can apply anytime based on the processing times in the location you file for. If the center you plan to send has 10 months processing time based on USCIS website, you can send earlier too and put in a letter the reason for applying early…You can definitely do it within 180 days as it is common practice…