H4 DS160 Petition Change due to H1B Transfer (Yet to be approved)

Dear Readers, Looking for your assistance on the below query.

I have submitted DS160 and sought the PA Appointment for my spouse on SEP 20,23. Recently, I have changed my employer for which my LCA has been approved and the associated Petition has just filed with USCIS, awaiting for the Receipt of Notice (Petition Number) in another few days. Meanwhile if Receipt of Notice has come before my Spouse appearing for her PA, can I go ahead and submit new DS160 with this New Petition No and advice my spouse to carry the latest DS160…? Or Please advice what exactly I need to do for my query.

Thank You and would be much obliged.!!

Are you currently working for the old employer or the new employer? If you are still working for the old employer, when do you plan to move to the new one?