H4 document requirements - No wedding album


I am married for 18 years and my spouse and two kids will be going for processing H4 soon. We lost our wedding album some time back and do not have a marriage invitation card. My spouse’s passport and my passport shows each other’s name as spouse. Our kids passport shows our names as parents. I do have a marriage certificate to submit. I do have Europian visa stamped on my spouse passport as dependent.

In such situation will her/kids visa will get rejected since we do not have wedding photos and invitation card? Do they need to carry any other document to proove marriage.

Thanks, Joshi

No, it won’t be rejected. The officer needs enough proof to establish that you indeed are married and this can be done by number of documents. Having the names mentioned in each other’s passports, and marriage certificate should be enough. If asked about wedding card/album, your wife can respond that they are lost.

If you have joint accounts then you can carry information about that as well (just in case additional proof needs to be established).