H4 dob is wrong on renewal approval notice

My son got his H-4 approval notice today and we noticed his DOB is wrong in the approval notice. I checked the application and it was my mistake when filling it out but all the supporting documents (birth certificate, passport, I-94) including the previous H-4 had the correct one and surprised how they used just that one application data and not already existing data. How can I get this fixed and will it take same amount it took to get the approval (225 days) ? appreciate the help.

Just like your oversight, it is theirs :slight_smile: . They may not verify minute details and can just go off of the form as the forms are scanned and converted to digital in their system.

Generally if it is USCIS error, you can open a service request online after talking to a live agent via Emma the chatbot. In your case though its your mistake however you can still go ahead and open a service request and see if USCIS will fix it.

I submitted a request for data correction and it got processed with couple of weeks and received updated notice

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