H4 dependent VISA stamping query

I am working in India in a reputed MNC in Bangalore. Company B based out of California filed my VISA in 2012 and i went for stamping in early February 2013 and got it stamped. My wife could not travel for H4 stamping as she was 6 months pregnant. After the birth of our kid in May 2013 we decided not to travel to US until 2014. In early 2014 I was interviewed and got an offer from a silicon valley product startup(Company C based out of California). Company C’s offer is significantly better than Company B and hence i have decided to move to California with my family. Since i have a stamped VISA till October 2015 Company C’s attorney stressed that I don’t need a restamp. My wife and kid are going for stamping with Company C’s petition on this Friday. Do we foresee any issues with this?

It should not create any problem