H4 Dependent Visa on th basis of Husband H1B , Name Changes in passport & marriage certificate


I have query related to H4 Visa for my wife . As required , I am in-process of getting marriage certificate registered but for that i am confused which name of my wife would appear on marriage certificate to fulfill H4 dependent visa requirement. Also wanted to know do we required to change the name of my wife’s passport.

Name mentioned in Passport: ABC

Name changed After marriage :ABC XYZ

So ,Please advise accordingly i will change the required documents.



If time permits, this is the best approach:

  1. Get your marriage certificate in the final target names (may be her married final name ABC XYZ).

  2. Get an self issued affidavit(notarization would be enough) by mentioning that her list of names and the changes due to marriage etc.

  3. Apply for her passport update to have the final name in the passport with your name in her passport SPOUSE column(last page). Note that the name on the passport is always the legal name to use everywhere.

  4. Use that passport name from that point onwards for any further use like for H4 visa paperwork etc.

Trust me this process would save a lot of confusion in future…