H4 dependent DS160 Work experience related query

I am Applying my Wife H4 VISA and while filling the DS160 I need to provide the work experience details. She is currently working and will leave the job by next month. Hence I mention as OTHERS (her profession) and company details and previous company details. however few of my well known suggest me to Select Home Maker as profession. Problem is if I add HOME Maker I can add only previous work experience not the current since it ask for from too To date which is a future date. Hence my question are

  1. Can I mention her current profession and shows that she is still working. Though we are aware H4 cannot work in US and will follow it and anyways she is leaving her Co. next month.

  2. I select as HOME MAKER and add only previous work experience and Skip the current. or add current one with the nearest date while submitting DS160.

Bit confuse kindly suggest.

It is ok to mention her current employer. Consulate understands that this answer is true while she is in India. When she travels on H-4 she will not and cannot work.