H4 dependants travelling in transfer period


I am planning to send my H4 dependants to India for a vacation. My H1B and their H4 are not stamped yet. But I am likely to get a new job in June. Is it ok if the H4 dependants travel before my next employer apply for H1B transfer or during the transfer period when I wait for the transfer petition. I would not be travelling until I get my petition in hand but y dependants will.

While coming back do they need to get stamping with the new petition only.

Does the stamping of H4 visa get affected because of my H1B transfer?

Please clarify.



Even without any transfer , yr dependents have a risk of getting 221 G as You yourself do not have a stamped visa

Application for transfer will further increase the risk of 221 - G

If dependents do not have stamped visa , does it mean you have married the girl who was already in USA or stamped visa expired and dependents are now on approved petition. How are they in USA ?

Answer to yr last question- Yes Stamping will get affected because yr H1 transfer

Hi Sudeep,

Thanks for answering my question. I came to US in L1B visa with my dependants on stamped L2 visa. Later in April 2012 I applied for H1B Change of Status through a new employer and started working for new employer since October 2012 on H1B and my dependants status changed to H4 respectively. After that we did not go to India yet for stamping. But now there is a need for my dependants to go to India. Thanks for letting me know about 221-G risk.