H4 conversion to H1 [Masters in Math, Education]


    I'm on H1B and is on extension. I have been in US last 2 years. My wife is still in H4. She has Masters in Math [MSc. Maths] and Masters in Education [M.Ed] in India. She has worked in a school and BEd college for sometime and is now a homemaker. She was there in US for almost 20 months in H4.

    Right now I'm in Seattle. I would like to know
  1. Is it possible to apply H1 for my wife? If not what can I do to apply for a Visa?

  2. Or should she enroll in studies in US? If so, where, how and what types of coursed has to be taken?

  3. What types of jobs [Teaching, Banking etc] are possible based on her qulification?

  4. How/Where can I find cosultants for the same to find an employer?

  5. Should my wife be in US at the time she files an H1?

Any pointers to start with focussing on H1, list of consultants whom I can approach etc would be grateful.

Thank you in advance…


Not sure if it’s late though. My suggestions:

  1. I doubt that chance. Consultants mainly look for IT ppl.

  2. I suggest to study some degree that gives OPT. Ex: Statistics courses. There are community colleges like Seattle-Central which provide courses of 9 - 12 months, with opt (plus no GRE needed) . Or UW tacoma has many OPT degrees that have instate fee ( since ur wife is in US for a long time) and can complete in about 15 months. (GRE is needed for UW degrees)

  3. Data Statisticians

  4. linkedin groups like “H1b consultants” , the ads in grocery stores

  5. Yes. She cannot leave the country.