H4 approved and reopens after 10 months!!

My petition for h4 approved on September 2017 but now after 10 months I got 797c ,notice of action from USCIS saying they reopen my case and considering the decision previously issued and notify me when they will make decisions or if they need any additional information but when I check on my case status online it still shows case approved on September…when I called USCIS the officer said they reopened the case because it was an error earlier now I don’t what to do? Does this happen to anyone else? What will happen to my case?

what was the final outcome? I am in a similar situation. online status changed to RFE to Reopened on the same day.

That sounds so scary. I just got my H4 approved. But I have a RFE before they approve my case. Do you have RFE before being approved?