H4 and I94 Expired - She is pregnant now


My spouse H4 and I94 was expired by Aug 2017, and we missed to file the extension for her. so my employer is asking her to leave the country immediately & she is pregnant for 3 months now, may i know what is the procedure I should follow, so that I can bring her back before her end of the second trimester.

also is she going to get any problem on insurance during the delivery.

Thanks in advance.

Employer has no right to ask someone to leave the country. But it is true that you have cut the timing very thin here. Visa documents are not something you lock away in a safe deposit box to be forgotten, one has to be mindful of dates and deadlines. Anyway, I don’t mean to stress you out more. Try to get her into F-1 status, some schools will accommodate the lapse in dates. It is best that baby is born here, visa challenges do not impact health insurance.

now she is traveling to india, if she extend and get stamped agian and travel back to USA. is it going to get any issue in health insurance?