H4 and EAD status while Primary H1 transfer to new employer

My wife’s H4 EAD is valid for 3 years, if I change my job and my previous employer doesn’t cancel my H1b, do I need to reapply for my wife’s H4 EAD or would it continue to be valid for 3 years ?

If I transfer my Wife’s H4 to new employer - do I need to renew her EAD as well even if it valid for next 3 years?
Pls advise

It would continue to be valid for the entire term. The key thing is to have the primary H1B holder in status. You do not have to do the renewal as long as the EAD card is valid.

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Continuing on the main question, I would like to know your opinion on a similar issue.
My Spouse was in Company A. With the company merger, he was moved to company B. His H1B, my H4 and my H4-EAD were reapplied. His H1B got approved under the premium process. My H4 and H4-EAD are still in processing at USCIS as of date.
Now, another company merger happened and my spouse had to move to Company C. Obviously his H1B will be done again now through Company C.

Q1. Can USCIS legally approve my H4 and EAD (Company B - currently being processed) while my spouse transitions into Company C?
Q2. Should I reapply for H4 & H4-EAD again through Company C (requesting Company B to withdraw my application for H4 & EAD)?

Bottom line is: I want to get my H4 and EAD asap. Kindly advise.