h4 221g asked to submit document by email

Hi Guys

My wife & child went for H4 stamping. All documents were fine but the consular asked for my previous I 797 ( H1B petition).

I had my new petition for 3 yr , so she did not carry old one. Got 221 g to submit old petition by email.

Question 1) 221g case XXXXXXXXXX 1/2 , what does 1/2 mean. WHats my actual case number.

  1. Does Visa center not have details of all my previous petitions. By now I have had 6 of them. Otherwise they have super intelligence of all world but with all the personal details I submitted can’t they pull old petitions. Really screwed up system ,just waste our time and money.
  1. case one of two (one: your wife, two: your kid)

  2. Ask the same question to them (and you would learn a hard learned lesson). You are begging a benefit from them for their country follows their law, dont question them, you dont have any legal rights in their law. Hope that you may learn lesson before contacting them further :slight_smile: