H1to H4 COS pending and spouse H1b extended

Hi,Background:My H1 to H4 COS was filled on Dec1, 2017 with immediate effect and with the requested end date of June 2018 as at that time my spouse H1b was till June 2018.In Feb 2018 my spouse employer filed her H1B Extn and my H4 Extn with the mention that COS is pending. And now today we have received approval for the applications for both H1 and H4 extn valid from Jun 2018 to June 2019 but H1-H4 COS is still pending.Now I have below questions:1. If I receive COS approval before June 2018, do we have to file h4 Extn again as Extn date requested in COS application is till June 2018?2. What options do I have if COS is NOT approved till June 2018?PN: Travelling outside US is difficult due to health reasons.Your valuable guidance will be really helpful. Thx