H1B withdrawal

Hi guys,

Company sent mail to me regarding my lotteryname in May16 for h1b-2016 year. I havenot got any update about my staus nor company share caseid with me. I resigned on 28th SEP and came to know that RFE has been raised with my case.

Now company is asking me 500k as penalty if i leave company. Is it true company has spent this much money till now?


Alka Gujarathi

Irrespective of how much company has spent on H-1B, they cannot demand it from the employee. By law, its employer’s duty to pick up the tab.

BTW, are they asking for 500K INR or 500K USD?

Company asking 500k INR.
Till now, they havenot told my caseid also.
I have not sign any agreement of 500k.
One document of H1 , I signed that i might need to give some amount if I withdraw. Penalty amount will based on case 2 case scenario.