H1B with Niche Software solution for year 2016-17

Hi Any one going fill H1B this year 2016 -17 with Niche Software solution please reply we will make group and track it progress . Please send your email or number so we all we communicate each other.

I am also interested in knowing abt Niche software.
Hi jainpran, have you filed ur H1visa through them? do you have any info abt them?

yes I am planing to do this year…they are charging 4k and if not selected in lottery then return 3k.

okay…thanks…i am little worried about whether dey will apply or not.

What about bond, they are asking for that and so i am worried. This is the reason I am not able to take decision.

Don’t worry abt tht…if u r able to find some other job…thn u can break the contract and give away one month salary and you are free to join other organization.

Thanks … Any idea about will these niche people provide valid client letter? Do they provide FedEx number(mentioning our name) once they file our visa? Very risky to trust them.

no idea abt tht…ya its risky…but hav to take chance…All d best.

I spoke to ranjana Bangalore she told me that they will provide me Fdx number

My wife and sister applied through Nichesoft. My wife applied last time too with them but she did not get picked in lottery. They returned remaining amount after deducting 1000$ and sent not picked in lottery doc from uscis

hello. I also applied through NicheSoft. Did you get any updates?

Ratish, they will inform us till 15th May…

Anyone got any updates on the results?

hi… any of yours H1B got picked through nichesoft? Planning to apply for lottery 2017. Please advice.

a fraudulent Consulting and Staffing Firm who have been cheating job applicants by creating fake H1B Petitions, and offer fake job offer letters. They take money for H1B filing and run away without doing anything. They are doing illegal business for H1 visa sponsorship. Plays with candidates life for their materialistic benefits. These people sit in a office (small room) located in Bangalore India and have a name sake office in Beaverton, Oregon and Houston, Texas. The use disguised American Names like Mark, Michael, Adam, Andrea, Jack, Adam, etc. and operate from India with VoIP phone lines. Purushothama Reddy Vangala who claims to be a CEO is a criminal behind this unlawful activity.

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    These frauds,

Purushothama Reddy Vangala; Mark, Michael, Adam, Jack, Radhika, Varun, Ranjana, Lalasa etc.

shamelessly steal peoples money in the name of staffing/job consulting/H1B Sponsorship.

These cheaters eat and feed their family from the money that they steal from job seekers. Their parents should be ashamed of themselves for raising them as cheap criminals.

Please file a complaint against these frauds to


Combating Fraud and Abuse in the H-1B Visa Program

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    This fraud Purushothama Vangala now ran away to India.

I strongly insist everyone who was a victim of this H1B VISA scam to directly file a complaint against this criminal and Niche Software Solutions.

Send all the details to,

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)

Once his name gets into ICE’s file, he will be stopped at the port of US entry. This fraud will never enter the US soil.

Please share his fraudulent activities in social media and alert candidates from getting victimized by these criminals.

  • Puru, Mark, Michael, Adam, Radhika … BEWARE of these people !!! - - - 3/22/2017 - flag as inappropriate - comment
    Puru(head of Immigration Scammer/Cheaters).

Mark, Michael, Adam, Radhika, Andrea … all are fake people sitting there to cheat us. They will ask you to create fake H1B petition … really!! Who does that?? Beware of this organization.

I have already filed a complaint with FTC. Requesting you all to do the same … www.ftc.gov

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    Never get your H1B through this organization. Plays with candidates life for their materialistic benefits. They just want money from us … A lot of it. Beware … Stay away from these guys … if you are a victim … Please file a complaint with Federal Trade Commission(FTC) here https://www.ftc.gov/

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    These guys are real cheaters in this H1b business.
    Never ever go to this consultancy.

    • 3/22/2017 - I was also a victim of Niche … I have lodged a complaint with FTC(Federal Trade Commission).


Requesting you to do the same so that these organizations are brought to justice and people like us are saved. - flag

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    Fake consultancy. Usics should put puru in jail. This people take money from candidate for the h1b and use the some fake client letter for all the candidate. They don’t even have any direct client. Their marketing team seats in india and don’t know how usa job should search and all . They just forward some fake jobs to candidate. They ask candidate to prepare fake resume and fake h1b copy. Horrible amount of lies they ask candidate to say. No one stay in this company more then 1 year . Because of people like puru USICS is doing enquiry for all other consultant whether they are real or not, he fooling usics in all sense. Trump should catch such guy and put in jail .

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    Niche Software Solutions Inc. is a fraudulent consulting and staffing firm.
    These people sit in a office (small room) located in Bangalore India and have a name sake office in Beaverton, Oregon and Houston, Texas. These frauds use a disguised American Names like Jack Stutter and Adam Smith and operate with VoIP phone lines.
    They will cheat with assured job placement and pretend as if doing all paper works for H1B Filing. Soon after USCIS’ approval decision timeline, they will notify applicants that the H1B-VISA petition was rejected and send a fake rejection notice as if it was sent by USCIS.
    Finally your hard earned money (full or partial) will be stolen reasoning that it was for the administrative charges and H1B paperwork’s.
    These criminals will simply cheat people like this and make a good chunk of money
    Beware of these frauds and please stay away.

    Parag - 3/15/2017 - True , Jack and Adam name are American. But they can’t even seaport proper English. - flag