h1b visa transferred while getting a new project but reduced salary?


I am bachelors degree holder in MIS. have 5 yrs exp in programming.

I got a new consulting company who are transferring my visa on their company. Before I got a project or when they were marketing me they promised me 60K Salary per year. After I got a a project and while filing the actual transfer or LCA they mention inside 50K salary only per year? Is this fair?    

After talking to my employer they forwarded this email from their lawyer to me :::::::

 " I assumed that we are all aware that in order to be exempt from the H1B dependency requirements the individual must make at least $50,000 or have at least an equivalent of a Master’s Degree.  The salary indicated is $50,000 and he does not have a masters.  The LCA states that it is being used for exempt individuals but unfortunately he is not exempt under these circumstances.  If we increase his salary to $60,000 he will be exempt OR we can document recruitment for this. " 

CAn someone explain this?