H1B Visa Transfer


I have an H1B visa stamped on my passport from company A. The stamping was done in Sep’15 and the visa is valid till Sep’17. I have not traveled to US so far. My passport is getting expired in Sep’16. So I have 2 questions:

  1. What will happen to the visa if I go for passport renewal as the new passport number will be different from what is there in the petition?

  2. Can I get my H1B trasfered to a different company B? Will my current employer A get to know about the transfer?

  3. What if I get this transfer done by Company B and then my current employer agrees to send me to US? Will the existing petition and visa still be valid.

  1. Visa stamp is not impacted. You will have to always carry both passports when traveling internationally.

  2. B can file a cap-exempt petition for you, and A won’t be notified about it

  3. Even after B files the petition or it gets approved, you can still use A’s petition. The H-1 is never transferred. What happens is that you end up w/ multiple approved petitions and can then decide to pick any one of them.

Thanks Saurabh for your response.