H1B visa transfer with consular processing

I am currently on an F1 visa and will be graduating in July 2022. I have job offers from two companies. I was selected in the H1B lottery for company A and now they are working on filing the petition.

  1. How will the visa stamping work if company A files for H1B with consular processing and I never join company A?
  2. If company A revokes my petition before or after approval, can company B file a fresh petition or transfer (in case the h1b is approved) without going for a lottery system?

USCIS may not approve the H1B transfer under cap-exempt if your visa wasn’t stamped ( if approved for consular processing] or you never worked for the sponsoring employer if H1B was approved with changes of status from F1 to H1b and with I-94.
That said, there have been cases where USCIS approved H1B transfer even in above scenarios. So you can try your luck and see if transfer gets approved, otherwise you don’t have anything to lose.