H1B Visa transfer to new employer after stamping


I have got my h1B approved with my current employer A. I have got stamping also. Now my current employer is not sending me to US since there are no projects. Can I get H1B transfer through a different employer. What if my employer cancels my h1b petition/visa after i put resignation here. Will my emplyer know by any chance that am trying to transfer through any means?


Yes, you can transfer your previously approved H1B to another employer.

Even if your employer revokes the approved H1B petition, you may go ahead with the transfer process. If your current employer cancels your stamped VISA, then you will have to go for stamping again with the new approved H1B petition. If your VISA is not cancelled, you may use the same with the new employer's approval notice to travel to US.

I don't think your employer will be notified officially about the transfer.