H1B visa Transfer Receipt

Hi Redbus, Need some information. I’m currently in h1b (phase 1) with company A from last 1.5 year. I got a New offer and Company B is doing Premium. My questions are

  1. Can I inform Company A as soon my Company B receives a Receipt Number or Approved status? Bcoz my company A has 2 weeks or 30 days Notice
  2. Will my Company A can do any revoke after receipt number is received or not applicable?
  3. If I get RFE with company B, what are the options will company B take care and I can start to work with them to resolve the RFE.

Thanks in advance ! Looking forward!

Most employment under H1b is employment at will, which means you can walk out the very next day. However if you still need to comply with significant notice period I would have hold back until approval and work out the same with new employer. (Most conservative method).

You can work with new employer upon receipt and all subsequent requests can be taken care of by new employer. But in case you do not have approval then you are left with limited options (with in time) only or leaving the country to be legally compliant unless you go back to your previous employer under same petition.