H1B visa transfer on different title


here is my situation:

I got my H1B approved a couple of years ago for a tech company. Since I was still doing my MBA (US university) when the petition was filed, they used my technical degree for the petition for a technical title. Subsequently, my role changed into a non-technical (product marketing) role. after working for 2 years, I changed my company and moved to another country. So, they did not get a chance ammend my visa for the new role and I did not get it stamped on my passport either.

Now, a US based start-up has offered me a director level position and have started the H1B transfer process, but I am concerned that my resume highlights non-technical aspects of my previous job (for which my initial H1B was filed). These aspects might be important in justifying my new role since I have only 3 years of experience directly relevant to this position.

Do you think his can be an issue during the H1B petition or during the counslate interview?

The right thing to do was to file a new LCA followed by H-1 amendment when your role changed in previous employer.

However, I don’t think it should be a major issue now when you file for H-1 transfer. They will look at the new position, your qualifications and whether you maintained status or not, and then adjudicate it.