H1B Visa Transfer from India after staying in US


My H1b is valid until 2015 Oct

I am currently in US on H1B visa and working for an Indian IT firm. I have been here last 4 months. I have around 8 payslips. Next month I am going back to India since my project is getting over. I planning to change my job and I have also identified a Consultant. The consultant has started marketing my CV. But I will not join the new consultant unless I get the right project. I will keep giving interviews.

My question is that incase I dont get a good project and I return to India and continue giving interviews in US and once I get the right project. Can I travel back to US with my new petition? Do I need to go for restamping? If not then will I face issues at POE.

What are the challenges I will face in this scenario?

You can re-enter using approved petition from new employer and old visa stamp. New stamping is not required as long as the previous visa stamp is still valid. Carry documentation related to new employment when traveling to US.