H1b visa transfer denied

Hi Sir,

I need your help on urgent basis as I think i am out of status now.

on 11/30 my H1B transfer got denied. I checked in USCIS website. My earlier employer has revoked my H1B.

On Dec 6th I came to India

Now I am planning to change employer. My question is

  1. Can I transfer My H1B with any other employer as I have valid I94.
  2. Initially I Got stamped for 3 years that means my Visa is still valid? My first employer revoked my Visa and second employer got denial notice on H1B Transfer.
  3. can my present employer file again on my behalf.
  4. Do I need to file fresh H1B again?

Please advice

I am desperately looking for the correct answer.

  1. yes. But it depends on the reason of why your first employer revoked. In some cases depending on the reason, you might not be eligible under cap exempt.

  2. Your visa is not valid as your first employer revoked.

  3. Same as answer to 1.

  4. Depends on 1

Hi Jathin,

Thanks for your valuable response.

The reason for denied is profile doesn’t match the job requirements.

Now do I eligible for Cap exempt?

Did you come out of this situation?
if yes, then how? Need help