I have H1B visa validity till 2013 december for company A. Now I transferred the H1B visa with a company B. So if i go to India for a vacation then do I need to go for visa stamping again or can I enter US without going for stamping since I already have the visa validity till 2013 for the company A.



Yes, you need to get your H1 stamped again if you go out of country. Your old visa will be automatically nullified when you transfer.

But I heard that since my old visa is valid till 2013 dec, I can come back to US from india with my new H1b petition (from new employer) and with the old visa.

Ok I take back my last reply. Sorry about that…Resources say that you dont need to get stamped…you need to have your latest approval notice with you at the time of entry… Also check with your lawyer to confirm teh same before you leave the country.

If your current visa stamp from previous employer has not expired yet, then you don’t need to go for stamping again. You can check w/ your attorney as well.