H1B visa to work in USA(to get a job in USA from outside USA)


    I am working in Switzerland in a bank for around 6 years and i have a total of 9 years of experience in IT. At the moment, i am quite interested to seek for a better opportunity in USA. I paid one of the websites portal  back in 2009 to get all the H1B sponsored companies and applied there, but all were in vain. Didnot get any calls at all. Right now, i am wondering probably i am not going into  the right direction to get a H1b sponsored employer or to get a job in USA who can sponsor H1b visa.

Do anyone have any idea how to get a job in USA from outside USA?

Or if you know any agency who can arrange a job and visa?

Thanks in advance


The best way is to get in touch w/ sponsoring employers through your network of friends, family and colleagues. They will be able to provide honest feedback about those companies and will be able to recommend good ones.

You can also go through major US job sites like dice, monster to know the potential sponsors. However, you will have to do research to know which are the better ones as not lot of H-1 petitions result in denial w/ reasons attributed to the employer.

You can also go through list of past filers available online to know who filed how many H-1s and what percentage was approved.