h1b Visa status shows Administrative processing but no slip was given

I appeared from h1b visa stamping with my family on 4th November, 2013 and the interview went pretty good except the VO mentioned that he heard my petitioner don’t pay salary to employees, I mentioned that this is not the case but he said he has heard a lot of bad stories about it and then he went somewhere inside and started talking to his colleagues.

When he came back he mentioned they need to do some cross verification and will let us know me know. On inquiring about the time frame, he said it entirely depends on how quickly my petitioner replies back to their questions. The VO didn’t give any slip neither mentioned administrative processing, I am wondering what it would be and who they will be contacting?

It have been two weeks now, neither I nor my petitioner have heard anything from them, can you guys put some light on this?

Could you please update what happend later? I am in the same boat.