H1B VISA Stamping - working for the client bfr strt date

Hi Recently i got my H1B approved(april 2013) through premium processing for FY 2013/14 through US based employer.My employer will be placing me at the client location. Since my client has a urgent requirement he has offered me to work as an independant contractor directly for him from india till september 2013 and from october i can work at the client place through my employer in US. My employer has all the documents to establish the employer employee relationship including the client letter. If i quit my current indian job and accept the offer will it be an issue during visa stamping (july 13) at the chennai consulate?

Shouldn’t be an issue. However, be prepared when the VO asks “if your work can be done from India, why do you want to go to the US”

Thanks lionking. Mine is a long term project and will include working at client setup. Hence i will be required to be onsite. Currently i will be going through req analysis, initial planning and training. If i work as individual contractor for my client, what i should be putting in DS 160 form for current employer?

So you will resign from your Indian employer and then get rehired once you land in US, correct? Is your employer ok w/ this arrangement?

In that case, you should mention independent contractor or self-employed in the DS form.

Thanks saurabh. Plan is to resign from indian employer, work as independant contractor for new client till sep, then get hired by US employer for the same client once i land in US and work will be at client location. US employer is ok with this temporary arrangement.
Please let me know if putting self employed in DS160 will make the case stronger or weaker?

It will not impact the outcome of the stamping.