H1B Visa stamping with new extension while old visa is valid


My current H1B visa is valid till June 2023 and my employer has filed for an extension and got approved until Jun 2026. The new visa validity is from Jun 2023 to June 2026. I have a valid visa stamp(until June 2023) on my passport based on my old H1B petition.(Both my old H1B and new H1B extension are with the same employer) I am travelling to India and booked a visa slot to drop off my documents. My question is, since I already have a valid visa stamp on my passport which is valid until Jun 2023, will there be any harm if I drop off my documents with the new H1B renewal which is valid from Jun 2023 to Jun 2026? Will I get a new stamp on my passport based on the new H1B visa renewal until Jun 2026?

Kindly let me know.


No issues but do include copy of your current and new I-797 with other documents for dropbox.

Hello Kalpesh,
Thank you for the confirmation, much appreciated.