H1B Visa stamping with 75 days left in I-797

Greetings! I am working currently as a full-time employee for a hospital in the US. I am having to make an emergency trip to India and will have to get my visa stamped at the US Consulate in Chennai. I will exactly have 75 days left on my current I-797 on the day of the interview.

Will I have any problems due to this ? I have all the correct paper work otherwise. My employee will be extending my visa in a few days but I am having to travel before the extenstion.

Please let me know your thoughts.

It should not be impacted by the time remaining on your current petition. In case 221g is issued for one reason or another, then you will have to wait in India until the processing is completed. If your petition expires meanwhile, then you will have to rely on the approval of extension petition to get the visa stamp and return to US.