H1B Visa Stamping - Received 221(g) blue slip


Hi Friends, H1B Aspirants,I had very unique experience @Chennai consulate. despite having all genuine documents my VISA was not issued.I got 221g Blue slip for H1B Visa stamping @Chennai consulate mentioning they need todo administration processing.VO asks for following documents and took copies of all of them: All Passportsi797 petitionClient letterEmployer verification letterLCAi129VO asked following questions:VO: Who is your petitioner?ME: AnsweredVO: Who is your client ? Is there any vendor inbetween ?.ME: AnsweredVO: What is the work location?ME: AnsweredVO: What is your highest education ?ME: AnsweredVO: What if your salary ?ME: AnsweredQuestions to my spouse:VO : How long you been married? : AnsweredVO : What is your highest level of edcucation? : AnsweredVO : What is your daughter’s age ? : AnsweredDespite giving all answers, VO gave me yellow slip which he mentioned it will allow me to remain in the building and I can wait in the waiting area while he checks my documents. I waited there for around 15-20 minutes.After that one Indian lady called me on one of the VISA counter and asked my project documents. She said she dont want anything but LCA and i-129 copy. They scanned all my documents and made a copy. And she asked me to wait again in the waiting area.After around 20 minutes, same VO comes back to same window and called me there. He handed me 221(g) blue slip(With administration processing option ticked) and told me that they are refusing my application for administrative processing and need more time to make decision on my application. They said they have all documents and I will be contacted if they need anymore documents/information. He returned my all documents and passports and ask me to leave for the day.Status on the CAES state department site shows “Administrative processing”. Any one got the same 221(g) blue slip experience or in the same boat. Cheers!.