H1B Visa Stamping Question

Hi All,

Can someone please help on below query:

My Visa got extended till 2023 with current employer for a client lets assume client name is ‘A’.

Now, I started working for new (Client B) within 50miles.As per USCIS guideline no need to file a new VISA Amended & LCA.

If I have to travel India for visa stamping, then

  • It will be approved?
  • Do I need to show some documents?


If there is no material change ( job position, job role/duties, job location) then no amendment is needed. If the new location is in the same MSA, amendment is not required.

There are no specific documents need to prove that amendment is not required so you can carry the standard documents needed for visa stamping as advised by your immigration lawyer.

Thank you so much @Kalpesh_Dalwadi for the quick reply.

One more question related to this, sorry I forgot to ask.

My new ‘client B’ location is in different state (means more than 50 miles). But my job location (i.e. my home) is as per approved LCA location which is under 50 miles of currently approved extension & MSA with my previous ‘client A’.

In this case, still there is no need to file a new amendment?
And, no specific documents required for visa the stamping?

Same answer. You can consult your employer’s immigration lawyer in case of any doubts.